Ford has been building the Mustang since 1965.    It is proof that a good idea will stand the test of time.    It would seem that the ubiquitous seat wall falls into that category at this point in time.

No item is requested more as a back yard landscape component when I am meeting with clients.   Although furniture groupings have gained in popularity the seat wall is still heavily requested and frequently implemented as part of the concepts I develop.

Sometimes the seat walls serve as supplemental seating.  Other times they are primary seating options.   They are certainly a popular component surrounding fire pits and fire tables.   They can be made from natural stone or can be constructed from segmented, modular wall systems.

They can be stand-alone items or used to separate and designate one level from another as shown in the photo here.

Either way, they perform function and provide visual interest in the back landscape.   While seat walls have not had a fifty year run, they are still running strong and popular after about twenty years of heavy use.