We look at our front landscapes from the outside-in.   We look at our back landscapes from the inside-out.

There are exceptions to all rules but under most circumstances we see our front landscape when we go out for the mail or paper and when we return home.   But in the back we see it from our indoor living spaces.  And we see if for longer periods of time.

We also tend to use our back yard landscape a lot more.   Brick patios, ponds, outdoor kitchens, shaded pergolas, fire pits, and larger lawn spaces involve us both visually and physically more than our front landscapes.

Good planning for the back landscape is about needs and aesthetics while planning for the front tends to be more about aesthetics.   In the back it’s about usability.   And the sum of the whole is greater than individual components.

I frequently tell potential clients that, “If I have done my job you will spend Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee in your back gardens and not at the kitchen table.”