Bucking the trend is hard to do.   Sometimes I get trapped in the moment myself with a client and acquiesce on a design element that I know I should stand firm on.    For the most part I find this happens with material selection on brick patios.

Today, the public prefers a smooth surface and an installation that looks perfect when the environment and architecture are screaming for something more rustic.    It is why we see so much modular brick instead of old paving brick or clay pavers.

The Irwin House and Gardens in Columbus Indiana have some wonderful gardens designed by the famed landscape architect Dan Kiley.   The gardens have been re-worked and are being refurbished over time.   Thank goodness everyone involved has kept their wits about them and maintained the ambiance Kiley intended.

The picture below, courtesy of Tina Tina (not that one) shows a small walkway with old clay paving brick installed in a striking and interesting pattern.  While the installation is text book, its appearance is not perfect.   It is, like the grounds and the building, a rustic approach.

Don’t get trapped in the moment by materials for your brick patio that are contrary to the architecture of the home and the spirit of the project.