Hedges do not go out of vogue.    They are stable components that have been used for hundreds of years in European landscapes.   When used effectively, hedges provide strength, stability and structure in the landscape.

While you can experiment with a variety of deciduous or evergreen options it is usually boxwood and yew that deliver the crisp line associated with a textbook hedge.   For me the number one choice is boxwood and I am especially fond of the cultivars ‘Green Velvet’ and ‘Glencoe’.

Usually my designs are focused on spring, summer and fall, but hedges are a four-season planting based on linear strength alone.

One of the keys to effectively using hedges in front landscape design is to make sure the lines are long enough and coordinated within the bed and the home to create good conversation.  Lines of hedges that are too short are basically incomplete thoughts that will be the equivalent of short and choppy dialogue.

Again, hedges do not go out of vogue.