At some point during late spring or early summer most landscape plantings quiet down from their early season flourish.  The lilacs, crabapples, pears and other spring bloomers are no longer contributing color or fragrance.   After that, the weight of summer color is borne by the shoulders of assorted Hydrangea.

And that’s why I love doing containers gardens as part of landscape design.  I encourage every single client to consider the opportunities for summer emphasis with container plantings.  Usually planted after our frost-free date, seasonal rotations in containers provide emphasis from May until October if they are planned correctly.

The simplicity of petunias, million bells, coleus and many other selections offer a cornucopia of tints and hues to amplify the beauty of any front entry or outdoor room in the back garden.   Tropical foliage plants such as palms or corn plant can be surrounded by marigolds, asparagus fern or variegated ivy to create bold or subtle textural qualities.   There are annuals for full sun, full shade and all points in between.  The myriad of possibilities is staggering.

And the containers themselves can be part of the design.   While the containers can be a traditional and understated clay pot, the more likely scenario is that the container itself presents itself uniquely in terms of either shape or color.  I frequently select glazed pottery with rich, deep colors so that the container and its contents are viewed as one distinctive design component.  In a more formal environment I might select stoic looking urns.

But whatever the selection, well placed containers and seasonal flowers can provide awesome emphasis as planned components of thoughtful landscape design.