Over the course of a career it has been my privilege to work on some pretty spectacular landscape designs and projects.    Not all of them are big.  Not all of them are award winners.

But one unifying element in almost all of my favorite design work has been the use of container plantings or container gardens.

The containers can be effective components without being grandiose.  Above all they simply need to work with the space.   Sometimes they work near an entry to create a sense of arrival.  Sometimes the container plantings fill a void in a bed.  And there are times when the containers are anchors for patio corners.

Container gardens provide seasonal pop in Chicago during summer months when the landscape beds are a bit quieter than they are in the spring.  They also make a patio more personal and friendlier for the homeowner and guests.

There are multiple design justifications for using containers as part of the landscape design.  In the end, I think they create more fun.    So if you are looking out the back door at your deck or brick patio and the space seems a bit Spartan or sterile think about having some fun.  Add a few containers to complete the landscape design thought.