Landscape Design - Let's Parti3

Let’s have a parti (that’s pronounced partee). In the case of landscape architecture a parti is simply the central concept of the whole. While the landscape plan may have multiple layers and ideas there is one core idea around which the whole design is built. And the parti is specific to that site.

For example, a landscape plan for an outdoor entertainment space may include a kitchen, fireplace, seat walls, a pergola and substantial planting, but the parti itself is to create an outdoor entertainment space that works for the homeowner and also displays solid design principles.

There might be dozens, or even hundreds of times a landscape architect is asked to create an outdoor entertainment space, but he or she does not repeat the same design, or parti, because each site has its own individual characteristics and each homeowner is different from the other.

The plan shown here is an urban landscape design that responds to the limited space experienced in Chicago neighborhoods and to the specific needs of the customer. While the concept works here, it will not be interchangeable and effectively implemented on a large suburban lot with a lot of greenspace.