Landscape DesignThoughtful landscape design, well researched, yields an outdoor environment that resonates for both the client and their home.   Spaces designed by K&D reflect a genuine interest in the needs of the client as they relate to their home and activities.  

The best landscape design solutions may look effortless but often require more than a cursory understanding of engineering, construction, geology and botany.  And, of course, a solid historical perspective on the history of landscape design is applied to each project.

Our landscape designs provide consideration for the architecture, the site and, of course, the client.   The needs of a family of five are probably different than those of empty nesters.    We understand this and thoroughly inquire how we can best develop a space that meets the requirements of the moment but will also be adaptable to the future.

Color, texture, space, site and sound are but a few of the components melded into successful landscape design.   Today’s vision of site development is a testament to an illuminated vision of what outdoor spaces can be.    

A spectacular garden may be part of the project, but good landscape design reaches far beyond that.  Site amenities such as outdoor furniture, containers with annuals are part of the process as well.   

Whether the space is a small brick patio or an expansive outdoor kitchen meant to wow the neighborhood, we apply tried and true design principles to make the landscape come alive for the end user—-you.

We invite you to relax and view our design gallery as well as our construction gallery to reflect on the possibilities we can develop and build at your home.