The definition of ‘sustainable landscaping’ will probably be changed before this brief blogging is concluded.   Online look-ups provided a bevy of definitions.

It is interesting that most industries have a trade organization or professional organization which will host a conference to develop a noble, well-intentioned working definition of sustainable as it pertains to their industry.   Then companies within the industry will alter the definition to meet their specific needs.  Then an employee within the company tailors it a bit more finely for absolute specificity of purpose.

The most sustainable solution in residential landscape may or may not be the most expensive solution.  But if it is the most expensive solution it, like luxury cars, will be chosen by the few and not the many as the best solution for them.

What is sustainable landscape design?  I know many landscape architects and designers who say they design ‘sustainably’, but I am not sure they can define it effectively.   Sustainable landscape design is a concept that continues to elude me.