When it comes to your relationship with your commercial landscape professional, you certainly don’t have time for hand-holding. Your reputation is on the line and you need to get the job done; trust and communication are everything.

When working with a commercial landscaping company, you need to know what makes a successful relationship so you don’t waste time with the wrong partner. 

Let’s review the keys to a healthy partnership between property managers and landscapers in Greater Chicago so you can make the best choice for your business and improve your working relationship.

4 Tips for Working With a Commercial Landscaping Company

When property managers and landscapers work better together, the property looks better and you are happier, suffering less stress. 

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For that reason, you want to ensure these areas are working well for you and your commercial landscape service provider.

1. Regular Site Walks Are Essential

You want a commercial landscape service provider that takes time to care about what’s important to you on your property. 

property manager and account manager walk outside

For that reason, regular site walks with you, your landscaper and board members ensures all the right people are looking at your property or community together and are working on the same vision and direction moving forward. 

Working with a commercial landscaping company in this way helps you enhance your property functionality and appearance while all staying on the same page.

2. Your Landscape Pro Should Be a Trusted Advisor

You want to have a healthy working relationship with the company you hire to perform commercial landscaping in Greater Chicago. 

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This means they should be a trusted advisor helping you to improve your site. This means you should be able to grab lunch or coffee with your commercial landscape pro and share personal stories and interests, as well as get key advice and guidance about your facility.

3. You Want Responsiveness From the Beginning

A great property manager and landscaper relationship starts with the RFP process. 

landscape maintenance team mow and clean up commercial property

You want a commercial landscape pro who responds to and acknowledges your RFP, asking follow-up questions about the property to better understand your needs and not just give you an estimate.

4. Never Underestimate the Importance of Great Communication  

Property managers want to know everything that’s happening on their property without having to ask, remind, or nag their commercial landscape service provider about it.

construction and landscaping team tour property

You’re seeking proactive, open, and honesty when communicating with your commercial landscaper. You want a relationship with trust and mutual respect. You want to know the professional you hire is as concerned as you are in improving your property or community for the people who use, visit, or inhabit it.

Trust Your Commercial Landscaping in Greater Chicago to KD Landscape

The best Greater Chicago commercial landscapes will preventively address landscape problems to ensure an attractive site. 

Working with a commercial landscaping company you trust can get you this result.

If you find you aren’t sure you have this relationship with your service provider or want a better partnership, remember to look for a company that is good at the basics to ensure high-quality landscaping. You also want a company that proactively suggests improvements to fix trouble areas of your property so it continually improves. 

Let KD Landscape help. We have extensive experience in making commercial properties standout in Greater Chicago and would love to develop a relationship with you.

Want to learn more about our commercial maintenance services for your Greater Chicago commercial facility? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. 

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