We live in a world where we can be convinced we can do anything ourselves. There are tons of videos and how-to tips at our fingertips that try to enable us to become DIY stars.

As you see all of these resources available, you might be considering tackling your own walkway installation. After all, why pay for something You-Tubers and HGTV are telling you that you can easily do yourself?

And that’s really the big question: How easy is it really to install your own walkway?

There may be a number of reasons you think DIY walkway installation makes sense for you, but there are a lot of important points to consider before taking the leap.

Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of doing your own walkway design and installation versus hiring a professional to help you make an educated decision.

DIY Walkway Installation vs. Hiring a Landscaper

You have a grand home with a great landscape and curb appeal that raises the value of your home with just a single look.

But when your builder put in your front walkway, they just installed a boring, narrow stretch of concrete. You want to elevate your front walkway to match the look of your house.

walkway leading up to front door of residence

You have folded the corners of home improvement magazine pages and saved photos on Pinterest. You’re ready to take the plunge.

Should you do the work yourself or hire a professional to design and install this walkway you’re seeking? Here are 3 valuable things a professional could add to your project that are worth considering as you debate whether DIY walkway installation is right for you.

1. Add Flow & Direction to Your Front Yard vs. Just a Walkway

A professional landscape designer with experience working in high-end Chicago landscapes should be able to hear your walkway ideas, as well as how you wish to best utilize your space.

walkway with landscaping lighting and plantings

And that second part is incredibly important. A front walkway that looks great is one thing. But a front walkway that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing is one that suits your specific needs. A landscape designer can take your desire for something like a walkway and look at your space, configuring how all of your landscape elements interact to ensure its long-lasting use.

When asking yourself whether you should hire a landscaper, the fact that the right design professional can create a cohesive master plan when installing your walkway is one of the pros over DIY walkway installation.

2. Provide Fresh Ideas

When you consider a walkway for your yard, you probably have some ideas saved and have a sense of the materials or look you’re after.

walkway with landscaping lighting and plantings

But since you have only worked in your own landscape, you might not know all of the possibilities that can come with a great walkway. For instance, landscape lighting can ensure safety and security at all hours while also adding an additional visual element during dawn and evening hours. Did you consider lighting? What about plantings near your walkway that can add some additional interest and color? Maybe you have one walkway vision, but a landscape designer can provide a wider variety of layouts and show you the pros and cons of each, giving you options you never thought of before. A landscape professional can even problem-solve seating options, drainage issues, and curb appeal -- all while dealing with just your walkway design.

This additional experience can be a big plus over DIY walkway installation.

3. Save Landscaping Costs

You might think DIY walkway installation will save you money.

But in the long run, setting up a proper base for your walkway and installing each area correctly can be a meticulous and precise process. One wrong step and the mistakes -- whether they are apparent right away or even one year later after your walkway settles incorrectly -- can add up. Suddenly, your costs have doubled.

A professional landscape designer with experience installing these walkways on different types of local yards, soils, and elevations can recognize challenges ahead of time and have solutions ready to go. This professional guidance and support can ensure your costs stay within your budget.

walkway with bench sculpture and plantings

On top of that, you want to think about what your time is worth? You might estimate that digging your clay-based soil to a point where it’s level and ready for a walkway base might take one day. But three days later, when you’re still leveling your space, you might be wondering if those additional hours were worth the time it took learning how to install a walkway when you could already be enjoying the finished product.

Should I Hire a Landscaper for my Walkway Installation?

To enjoy your Chicago landscape, you want a walkway that enhances your curb appeal and is also functional and usable.

You certainly don't want a space that’s going to need a lot of regular repairs and maintenance because of a poor installation.

custom walkway to front entrance of home surrounded by plantings and bench

While the pride of DIY walkway installation may be something you crave, make sure to look at all of the information so you can understand how to do the base work and prep properly to ensure a solid structure that you can use for years to come.

If you’re still questioning whether you really want to do this work yourself, give KD Landscape a call. We’d be happy to show you some ideas on how you can enhance your usable outdoor space with a walkway and professionally install it for you, giving you the confidence that your investment will last. We can show you different design concepts and materials that could enhance your home’s curb appeal and suit your daily needs.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your suburban Chicago landscape with a walkway? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that works best for you.

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