Your patio is so much more than an array of different-shaped materials like pavers or bluestone that are formed together to create a hard surface in your Greater Chicago area backyard.

A patio creates a beautiful and functional space for you and your family and friends to enjoy. This could be during a morning retreat with your French press coffee and breakfast or a lively meal and conversation with friends on a weekend evening.

Bluestone is the ultimate patio material. It’s timeless, has striking color options, and results in a natural, sturdy look that stands the test of time and all the wear-and-tear you can give it.

As you’re dreaming of your perfect bluestone patio installation in the Greater Chicago area, you might be wondering what kind of budget you need to plan to get the space you want. We understand that. It’s easy to think of all of the options available when cost isn’t an option. But let’s face it: pricing matters. And knowing the differences in prices between various types of bluestone might help you better decide whether you want a larger patio with one type of bluestone or a smaller one made of a more expensive material because the look better fits your design.

Let’s explore the various costs involved with bluestone patios.Bluestone patio design

Bluestone Patio Cost

There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to bluestone patio installation. This can make specific pricing challenging for you to determine.

The minimum cost for a bluestone patio is approximately $30 per square foot. This is actually not substantially higher than an expensive modular paver patio.

But the cost can vary based on the type of bluestone you choose. There are three main types of bluestone patio materials.

Thermal -- Blue/Blue

Thermal -- blue/blue is a more expensive type of bluestone.

First of all, this product is heat-treated, which results in a very smooth finish. The surface is even without a lot of raised or sunken areas. When you take pieces like this and use it across a whole patio, it creates an extremely consistent pattern that is excellent for a contemporary look.

And the color of thermal --blue/blue, as the name implies, is usually a mix of two shades of blue. One factor that adds to the bluestone patio cost of this product is the fact that more labor is needed at the quarry to sort out these specific shades of blue. That, in addition to the heat treatment process, increases the cost but also targets and refines the specific look of this special type of bluestone.Thermal Bluestone Patio

Natural Cleft -- Bue/Blue

Natural cleft -- blue/blue, like thermal -- blue/blue, also comes in two shades of blue, but the stone has more texture. This product is not heat-treated, so the natural, rougher stone texture is left to shine through, resulting in multiple raised and sunken areas in the stone.

A patio created from this stone won’t result in an uneven surface, however. It will just create a patio that has more visible and defined character.

Because this stone needs sorting for the color options, but is not heat-treated, the cost of this bluestone patio usually falls somewhere in the middle of the three options.Natural Cleft Blue/Blue Bluestone patio

Natural Cleft -- Full Range

Natural cleft -- full range bluestone results in the least expensive bluestone patio installation. The reason? It doesn’t require sorting or heat treatment at all.

This means that you get the definition in the stone that makes it look more natural. It also means that instead of only two shades of blue, you get a much bigger variation in color: browns, rusts, ochres, lavenders, beiges, grays, and two to three shades of blue.Natural Cleft Full Range Bluestone patio

Patio Design Can Also Dictate Price

Ultimately, if your patio is important to you and something you’re going to use and enjoy for years to come, then it’s worth the cost.

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You could choose the least expensive bluestone option to get more of a rustic, natural feel but have a larger more intricate patio design and still spend more on your project than someone who embraces a more focused, intimate, simpler patio design using the most expensive bluestone.

If you don’t have a preference for which bluestone you prefer, your Greater Chicago landscape professional can also recommend a product that best matches your home architecture and style, as well as results in a bluestone patio cost that you're comfortable paying.

The Patio of Your Dreams is Waiting

Hopefully this helps give you a better idea of the cost of a bluestone patio based on the material you choose (or that best fits your home landscape) and what design you’re envisioning.

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Either way, you want a space that’s going to work best for you and fit your specific needs. The right landscape design professional for you will be able to guide you to make a decision you’re happy with, as well as educate you on materials and space considerations based on how you’re planning on using the space.

If you want to better understand your bluestone options, we can help. KD Landscape pros can show you what the materials look like and share some design options and project photos with you, so you can get a better understanding of what will work best for you.

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