Brick patios define our landscapes and gardens.

It is a pretty bold statement.   But when you reflect on the ambiance, serenity and utility of a brick paver patio the statement becomes less bold and more accurate.   A brick paver patio is an extension of the home and a reflection of lifestyle for the homeowner.


Brick patios are social spaces for friends and family.  They are a source of pride.  They have evolved from a luxury item in the 80’s to a staple in our back yards.

Today, a large majority of brick patios constructed in the Midwest are from modular pavers.  They are manufactured by an assortment of companies, but Unilock has become synonymous with brick paver patios in the Chicago market as Kleenex is synonymous with facial tissue.

One of the first commercially available landscape bricks on the market they have been the industry leader for almost forty years.  Unilock is competitively priced and provides both homeowners and contracts with support when their product is utilized

Unilock has utilized their market position to continually retool and innovate.  Recent product additions like Richcliff, Town Hall, Rivenstone and Umbriano keep Unilock “one step ahead” as one of their corporate tag lines suggests.   Tried and true products such as Brussels Block and Olde Quarry wall systems are still stylish and popular choices for residential landscapes in Naperville and all of Chicagoland.

Their extensive offering of color, textures, styles and shapes provides our landscape designers and clients a myriad of possibilities.  Those possibilities spawn incredible opportunity in the landscape for both function and ingenuity.

Brick patios ARE a beautiful component in the contemporary landscape and will continue to be the backbone of landscapes and gardens in the Chicago area for the foreseeable future.