It’s easy to picture yourself enjoying a beautiful Chicago day in your backyard. There’s probably a refreshing breeze and bright, blue skies. What could make this day even better? Being able to watch your favorite TV show, movie, or sports team on the big screen while you relax in this idyllic setting.

How can you make this happen? By installing an outdoor TV. Today, there are a wide selection of outdoor TVs designed to withstand the elements. You might be craving a smaller TV for your patio or a larger one near your pool or outdoor kitchen area. Mounting options today make all of these locations possible.

But as you're pondering how much better catching up on your favorite Netflix show will be snuggling by the fireplace outdoors, you’re probably wondering how you can get the ideal setup to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Let’s talk through some outdoor TV design and installation ideas to give you some options so you can make the best choice for your home landscape in the Greater Chicago area.

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor TV Setup Design

Gathering tips and putting together photos of outdoor TV design ideas you admire is always a fun chore. There are so many ways this is being done today, there seems to be no limit to what you can do.

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And while all of these setups you find may work perfectly for the people who currently use them, you have to think seriously about what kind of exterior TV space will work best for you and your family to ensure the best design. You certainly don’t want to install a TV that you don’t use.

Consider these 5 tips for installing an outdoor TV that best matches your needs.

1. Placement Pointers

When considering outdoor TV installation ideas, you want to determine whether you are looking for it to be a focus of your entertainment space or less of a visual draw.

family sits under pavilion around television

If you choose to make your TV a focal point, you want to place it intentionally and not make it an afterthought. If you don’t want it taking center stage, you want to place it strategically in your outdoor entertainment area.

2. Consider the Feature Areas In Your Space

In your outdoor entertainment area, outdoor TV setup design can be structured around other hardscape focal points.

If you have a feature wall or an outdoor fireplace, for instance, those make excellent places to add an outdoor television. If you don’t have any of those spots to use, sometimes the layout of your home can provide a great TV location.

3. Know How You’ll Use Your Space

Any outdoor TV setup design can look great on paper. But in addition to beauty, you want to have something that is uniquely functional to your needs.

family sits under pavilion at night with tv on

Knowing how and when you’ll use the space can determine what kind of speakers and sound you need for maximum enjoyment.

4. Don’t Forget About Glare Issues

While outdoor TVs are made to withstand the elements and eliminate glare, depending on which way your TV is facing, you can still have huge issues with glare.

You don’t want to get a cheap TV that will break every year or so due to rain and snow exposure. Finding the proper outdoor television and installing it where glare problems can be avoided is an outdoor TV installation idea you don’t want to neglect.

5. Hire a Pro to Design Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

For the proper outdoor TV setup design, a professional landscape designer in Greater Chicago can ensure quite a few elements to determine ideal use and placement.

family sits on patio around tv on stone wall

A professional will ask you about your plans to determine the proper location for maximum use. They will look at various weather conditions and help you avoid glare and any extreme weather exposure to extend the life of your outdoor electronics. They will also install proper speaker connections and surround sound so your television works well and you can hear it well in the wind or amidst other outdoor noises.

Adding an Outdoor TV to Your Landscape Design? Let KD Landscape Help

We hope these outdoor TV design ideas help give you some insight as you begin planning your outdoor entertainment area.

We know the whole process can feel a bit overwhelming when you have to consider electronics amid Greater Chicago’s changing weather conditions. Let KD Landscape make it easier for you. We have installed many outdoor television setups and can discuss your needs and give you options for a great end result.

By working with a company that takes your input seriously, asking you questions and listening to you, you can feel comfortable making a choice that will end up giving you an exterior entertainment space that you and your family will love.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your Greater Chicago area landscape into something beyond your expectations? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver a custom space that shines. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that works best for you. Then you can just sit back and enjoy your yard.

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