A patio can create the perfect place for enjoying the outdoors in your backyard in Elmhurst, IL or Naperville, IL.

Whether you want a spot for outdoor dining, a place for the kids to hangout, an entertaining nook for drinks and snacks, a relaxing area for reflection and meditation, or maybe all of the above, a patio can certainly fill the bill.

But to get the perfect patio for your backyard, it needs to be done right. A year or two down the road, you don’t want to be tripping over uneven stones and dealing with water settling in sunken spots.

A patio design and installation needs to be creatively sourced, meticulously planned, and properly installed with attention to detail.

Let’s talk about some tips on doing this correctly so you can have a long-lasting patio.

7 Patio Design Tips For Suburban Chicago

Before you can begin construction on a patio, you have to make some important considerations on design.

Proper placement, sizing, and other factors mean you have to ask yourself a lot of questions on how you’re going to use your patio so it’s the best fit for you and your family’s needs.

patio with outdoor kitchen and pergola

Here are patio design and installation tips that will get you the ideal backyard oasis in Elmhurst, IL and Naperville, IL.

1. Define Its Purpose

First, ask yourself the purpose of your patio.

Maybe its main function is to connect your home to your pool. Or maybe you want to expand your outdoor kitchen and create a great dining environment. How you will use your patio will help determine your patio design and installation.

patio with eating area and pavilion

If you’re planning to host regular parties, for instance, you want to ensure you have the right amount of space to entertain.

2. Patio Material Choices

Another important part of your patio design and installation is the material you choose.

bluestone patio with plantings and pool

From pavers to bluestone to brick, the options are endless. You want to choose something that coordinates with your home and surrounding landscape so it fits in.

3. Patio Shape & Size

Based on your desired usage, how to design a patio involves figuring out the right size and shape.

patio with outdoor kitchen and fireplace

A lot of this decision-making is based on your existing property attributes. For instance, if your property is long and wide, your patio might mimic that shape, taking advantage of the width against your home. If your property is small, creating a patio proportional to that size will also make sense so it doesn’t dominate your yard.

4. Don’t Forget the Landscaping

A patio gives you a great place to enjoy your yard, but what makes it a true destination is the landscaping plan surrounding it.

patio with outdoor kitchen and plantings

Greenery and plants with color and texture create great visuals, vibrant blooms, and the perfect partners to your patio installation. The right plants can even bring butterflies and hummingbirds to the scene, as well as great aromas, stimulating multiple senses.

If you want some privacy from the neighbors, the right shrubs can easily shield you from their prying eyes.

5. Patio Budget Planning

You want to choose a patio design and installation that not only fits your lifestyle, but also fits your budget.

This is because a patio will vary in price based on size and material. A 3,000-square-foot patio will cost more than a 10-foot-by-10-foot patio. And modular concrete stone usually costs less than natural stone.

patio with plantings and pergola

Typically, patios are priced per square foot. Modular concrete patios range from $16 to $20 per square foot, and natural stone patios range from $35 to $45 per square foot. Fun and creative patterns or more complicated designs may increase your patio costs.

6. Plan for Landscape Additions

Patios are typically a first step to creating your entire outdoor entertainment and relaxation space.

So even if you’re not ready to install additions now, it’s important to think ahead about the ones you know you may want when you’re planning since it could influence patio design and installation.

patio with fire table and plantings

Things you may want to add later: fire features, water features, landscape structures like pergolas and pavilions, outdoor kitchens, and landscape lighting.

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7. Choose the Right Patio Installation Partner

A lot of mistakes can happen with a patio installation, particularly if you choose the wrong landscape company to put one in.

patio paver being installed by hardscape expert

Everything from proper foundation planning to correct edging, to maintaining the joint sand integrity between pavers is crucial to a long-lasting and sound patio.

Design a Patio You Love

When you want a patio design and installation in the Suburban Chicago area, it’s important to follow these tips to ensure you’re not missing an essential step in getting the permanent backyard addition you’ve been seeking.

But with all of the options and ideas out there, figuring out the type of patio that will fit you best might still feel overwhelming.

Let KD Landscape help. We can ask you some targeted questions to help you figure out how you will use your space and what kind of size and materials will coordinate well with your existing home and landscape. Once the basics are sorted out, we can show you various design options to help you make the best decision for you.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your Greater Chicago landscape into something you can really use? We’d love to share our patio design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a patio design that best fits your lifestyle and purpose.

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