When you love to entertain, having a space that can accommodate a big group -- grandparents, lots of grandchildren and an extended family that lives nearby -- is important.

That was the case for this Plainfield, IL family.

They wanted a patio design and installation in Plainfield, IL that would suit a large group, as well as create a seamless transition from their home to their gathering space. They wanted to spend time together at any time of day or evening and take advantage of their big, private backyard.

KD Landscape showed up to bring them a space the whole family could enjoy.

Plainfield, IL Landscape Project Challenges

For this Plainfield, IL landscape project, having a large outdoor setting was desirable and quite appealing to accommodate six granddaughters and all of the family that comes with them.
patio and landscape in Plainfield, IL
But that kind of space can bring some challenges. A large patio by itself can look quite bland and uninteresting. While it can fit the number of people, it may not have the solutions alone to entertain those many family members.

Delineating sections of an outdoor living space can help artfully divide it into usable areas to meet a family’s needs, while also creating an appealing overall design.

Adding light and warmth can also ensure a family can enjoy their new space as much as possible.

KD Landscape provided some targeted solutions to meet this family’s needs.

Plainfield, IL Landscape Project Solutions

When talking with clients about their project challenges, wants, and needs, there are usually a few key elements that rise to the top of the list.

These become the main focus areas that they can’t live without. Focusing on client needs and listening to them is a huge part of the landscape design/build process.

That was no different with this Plainfield, IL landscape project.

The following 4 solutions enabled KD Landscape to create a backyard that this big family enjoys daily.

Solution #1: It Starts With the Patio

When you need a large patio that’s going to be heavily used, you want to consider a number of factors: safety, functionality, and strength and durability.

And when you have a lot of feet that will be moving about on the patio, you want to pick the right surface that will meet all of these needs.

Limestone became the leading choice for this Plainfield, IL landscape project for just this reason. It’s heavy, as dense as marble, and has a lightly textured surface that prevents it from being slick in any weather. Also, due to its insulating properties, it won’t get horribly cold or hot for bare feet -- no matter the weather.
Paver patio design
Since the family home already had some gray colors and elements and the patio was going to be sizable, it was important to choose a soft gray limestone to complement the house.

And having the patio extend the width of the home helped enhance visibility of the yard and the children playing at all times, which was important to the parents.

Solution #2: Extend Enjoyment Hours

Masonry construction materials were used to create a fire feature as a section of this large patio design to bring a number of positive elements to the space.

First, the fireplace brings a visual element to break up a very large space with vertical interest.
Outdoor fireplace in Plainfield, IL landscape
Next, the addition of fire light and warmth means cool, darkening nights can be enjoyed longer and in comfort. This also enhances some safety by increasing visibility as the sun sets.

Finally, a fireplace creates a cozy nook that brings something special to each member of a large family. Parents and grandparents can catch up surrounded by the ambiance a fire brings, while children and grandchildren can find fun and delight in making s’mores.

Solution #3: Add a Built-in Grill

A patio by itself can accommodate a big group, but it may need some elements that enable you to enjoy it fully.

When you’re spending a lot of time outside with a big family, there’s no doubt people are going to get hungry eventually. Running inside and outside to make food and feed a big group can become cumbersome.

For this Plainfield, IL landscape project, a built-in grill was the solution they wanted. The family regularly dines outdoors, and the grill comes in handy as their main cooking appliance for entertaining and feeding their large family.outdoor built-in grill

Solution #4: Soften Those Hard Edges

This patio design and installation was rather large, taking up nearly the width of the home in the backyard. That greatly suits their needs, but a lot of hardscape area needs additional elements to create some balance in the overall space -- even one like this that backs up to a wooded area.

That’s where some softscapes or plants come in to soften those hard edges and add some color to the space. Containers of lush greenery and bordering plants brought some brightness and helped finish the space, giving it some essential aesthetics.Landscape plants installed to soften the hardscape

A Successful Space is One That is Functional

This Plainfield, IL landscape project not only had to be beautiful in its design, but it also had to be usable for a large family and its children and regular guests.

That’s why it’s important that you have an open and honest conversation with your landscape professional so he or she knows your intentions for the space and the elements that are most important to you that you’re really going to use.

The right landscape design professional can bring these necessary elements together in one cohesive space, giving you a yard you can jump right into enjoying the second it’s finished.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your Suburban Chicago backyard into a place you’ll use every day? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver a custom space. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that works best for you.

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