If you close your eyes, you can probably envision your dream backyard. Maybe it has an outdoor kitchen and expansive patio so you can entertain your large family. It could have a privacy screen of gorgeous trees and lovely containers full of bountiful blooms that change with the seasons, giving you some seclusion from the neighbors and attractive scenery to admire.

You can almost hear the steak sizzling on your gourmet grill and the soft wind rustling through the trees, right?

When it comes to an outdoor entertainment area, you want an oasis you can truly use and enjoy. You want something special.

To ensure you get the space you’ve always wanted, we put together some tips to help you obtain the ideal exterior oasis for your Chicago area home.

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area Design

Gathering ideas and putting together photos of outdoor entertainment areas you admire is always fun. There are so many spaces that seem to have a clean look and great flow. It’s hard not to flag every one you see in the pages of magazines or online.

outdoor living area with patio table and pavilion

But while all of these places you find may work perfectly for the people who use them, you have to think seriously about what kind of outdoor space will work best for you.

You certainly don’t want to install a landscape that you don’t use.

Consider these tips for planning the landscape nook that best matches your needs.

1. Reflect on How You Will Use the Outdoor Space

Any outdoor entertainment area design looks great on paper. But you want something that is functional as well as beautiful.

You have to think about how you’ll use the space when it’s complete. How you regularly spend your time will factor into the details.

friends gather under pavilion and watch tv outdoors

Ask yourself these questions during your outdoor living space design planning:

  • Do you plan to eat meals outdoors? How many people will you need seating for on a regular basis?
  • Do you want to cook outdoors?
  • Do you want to sit in front of a fireplace or fire table for warmth and light on those cooler Chicago evenings? What kind of seating will be necessary for this
  • What type of furniture and how much will you need to seat your regular company on your patio? Will you need built-in or additional seating for large parties?
  • Do you envision having a swimming pool as part of your bigger design?
  • Do you need landscape lighting to ensure you can enjoy your spaces into the evening hours?

Once you have these answers, share your thoughts with your landscape designer so they can create a backyard that best fits your lifestyle.

2. Think About Components and Amenities

Thinking about your yard as a whole can mean you neglect one of the specific features that are must-haves for your outdoor entertainment area.

outdoor kitchen with patio and pergola

Wanting an outdoor kitchen is one thing. But what elements are necessities in your outdoor kitchen? What kind of grill? Do you want to store some cooking utensils and accessories outdoors? Then you’ll need cabinetry. Do you plan on entertaining as you cook? Then you might want to make sure the space is open to ensure you can interact with your guests when you’re behind the grill, serving them drinks from your small outdoor fridge and bar area.

By discussing these components when your outdoor area is being designed, your landscape professional can devise a master plan that includes your must-haves.

family sits in front of fireplace outdoors

Not sure what amenities you might be missing? Here’s a helpful list to review:

3. Embrace an Outdoor Living Space Design That Works Today and Beyond

Many companies can offer you cookie-cutter landscape designs. You might even notice this in some nearby neighborhoods where the patios look similar from home to home. Sure, they’ve worked for others, but will they work for you?

outdoor living space with firepit and patio pergola and pool

The patio, outdoor kitchen, pool area, and other spots that work for you should be one-of-a-kind. That’s why you must find a company that is known for creativity and unique ideas with customer reviews that speak to this collaborative concept that takes your insight and lifestyle seriously.

A cookie-cutter space can’t be something that fits your specific family now and into the future. Consider today’s usage as well as practicalities to come. Some questions to ponder:

  • Will children or grandchildren be regularly using your outdoor entertainment area?
  • Do you have aging relatives or those that would need special access?
  • Will you be adding to your home in the near future?
  • Are you considering a landscape upgrade now and additional ones in the future? Things like utility lines or plumbing for a future addition might best be added now to ensure easier installation.

Go Beyond Boring When It Comes to Your Ideal Outdoor Entertainment Area Design

We hope these tips help give you some ideas to think about as you begin planning your outdoor entertainment area design.

family gathering around fire table

We know the whole process can feel extremely overwhelming. But we want to make it easier for you. Ultimately, you want a landscape company that is going to meet all of your specific needs and design and install a space that is exactly what you envisioned, or possibly even better. This starts with a smart design and finishes with a smarter and meticulous installation that stands the test of time.

By working with a company that takes your input seriously, asking you questions and listening to your input, you can feel comfortable making a choice that will end up giving you a Suburban Chicago landscape you’ll use for years to come.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your Greater Chicago area landscape into something beyond your expectations? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver a custom space that shines. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that works best for you. Then you can just sit back and enjoy your yard.

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